Melting Sidewalk Chalk

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We’ve been breaking out the summer boredom busters all month long.  I hope that you have gathered a few new ideas to add to your momma tool kit.  This Melting Sidewalk Chalk activity is one that is simple, fun and only requires a few household ingredients.

Melting Sidewalk Chalk (1)_thumb[1]

We used this sidewalk chalk paint recipe.  All you need is cornstarch, water and a bit of food colouring.

Melting Sidewalk Chalk (2)_thumb

Pour the paint into an ice cube tray and allow it to freeze completely.

Melting Sidewalk Chalk (4)_thumb

 Then just have the kids take it outside and watch it melt all over the sidewalk.

Melting Sidewalk Chalk (5)_thumb[1]

The boys played with different colour combinations and drip, dropped the paint all over the place.

Melting Sidewalk Chalk (6)_thumb

Super fun and easy this activity should give you about 15 minutes of peace and quiet.  
Fingers crossed.  hee hee
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  1. shirley says

    years ago I had a recipe I made out of chalk for painting very simple however,I can’t remember I thought it was just water and chalk when it melted it became thick and the girls painted trees they had soooo much fun.
    do you know of this?

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